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  Bethany UMC  - "Your Family Friendly Neighborhood Church"

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Welcome to Bethany United Methodist Church!
We are a Family Friendly Neighborhood Church serving our local community in Christ.



Make Your Family Part of Our Family Here at Bethany!
Whether a small family of one or a large family of fifteen, you are Welcome to Worship at Bethany!

Important Upcoming Dates and Announcements: 

Wapato Park Picnic Shelter  

  • Bounty Food Bank:

    *We Need Volunteers every Friday for food pickup and storage help.
      Please Call 253-335-7860

    *We welcome Volunteers for food distribution help every Monday
      morning beginning before 9 a.m.

  • *New Bounty Food Bank Website now online! Click HERE!

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We are so delighted to have you visit our Bethany United Methodist Church website! My name is Pastor Dan, I recently joined this active and growing congregation. Bethany UMC is a group of friendly people who have discovered the joy of serving others and serving God.  

I find that to be a pastor takes time and involves building trust. This means getting to know each other and eventually exploring what God may be doing in our lives together.
In the meanwhile, it can be a bit of a roller coaster. Why is that? For some, there are expectations that I will be like the Pastor leaving; for others, there can be hopes that I won’t be. Where ever you may find yourself in this spectrum, I would ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers.  

A little about us: I have a wife, Denise, and two adult children. My daughter is currently attending St. Martin’s University and my son is in the process to become an electrician. In addition, my wife’s mother lives in Lacey and requires a fair amount of care. I have been serving God through the United Methodist church for close to forty years. It is my conviction that God continues to move in our world and in each of our lives. I hope that in the time we share together, you too will become all the more convinced of this as well.  


Grace and peace, Pastor Dan 

A Farewell letter from Rev. Ferdie...

My time is up! I am officially no longer your pastor. Let me say it for the last time: thank you for the love, mission, prayer, food and fun that we did together.  

I am so grateful to be followed by Rev. Dan Breznau. As some of you know, Pastor Dan is a gifted leader with great skills in spiritual direction, teaching, and pastoral care. I am hopeful that you will generously give him the same love and support you showered my family and me. I will be committed as well of observing the pastoral protocol of disengaging from Bethany to make way for the ministry of Pastor Dan.  

Farewell friends. Though this is goodbye, the love we shared together will continue to connect us in a special way. After all, wherever we serve, we are all embraced by this one vast kingdom of belongingness in Christ.  

From Louie, JD, Hiram, Theo and me, thank you for the 3 amazing years!

Rev. Ferdie Llenado

We are so delighted to have you visit our Bethany United Methodist Church website! My name is Ferdie, and I’m excited to say that I’m the former pastor of this active and growing congregation. Bethany UMC is a group of friendly people who have discovered the joy of serving others and serving God.


At Bethany United Methodist Church you will…

  • Hear biblical and practical messages that will be your source of weekly encouragement. 
  • Enjoy and get blessed with inspirational hymns and praise songs. 
  • Trust your kids to the care of our children attendant in our nursery room. 
  • Plug-in and learn through our bible study and small group. 
  • Be part of the joy we are sharing through our Bounty Food Bank. 


So if you are looking for a church that has a warm fellowship, relevant mission, and uplifting worship, we invite you to check out Bethany UMC!


We invite you to continue browsing this site and get to know us more. On behalf of my family and this awesome congregation, I want to say that you are always welcome here!


We are Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors!


Please visit our " *Welcome* Find Us " page for more info...

 Bethany UMC Mission Statement

BETHANY RENEW: A weekly email devotional on the topic of church and spiritual renewal.


You can view past issues now on our Bethany Renew page.


Visit our Church Family this Sunday @ 11:00 AM to Worship our Lord.
Be a part of the continuing 114 year history of Bethany UMC!

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Rev. Dan Breznau

  Rev. Dan Breznau


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